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Founded in Barcelona in 1984, Sagitario Lighting is currently a leading reference in the professional and technical lighting market, related to the design and manufacture of custom made lighting systems, based in LED technology.

Sagitario Lighting was founded with the aim to fulfil a specific need in the lighting market, namely custom made decorative and emergency signalization using low tension bead seal type of lamps. This resulted to be a great success.

Shortly after, Sagitario Lighting was the first to introduce fiber optic lighting systems to the Spanish market. Due to the enormous potential of this new technology, Sagitario Lighting became soon a specialist in the field of fiber optic lighting, developing special manufacturing processes and accessories, as well as providing solutions for all kinds of lighting requirements. Fiber optic lighting is still considered a worldwide reference in the area of special lighting applications and the best known identification of our company, due to the successful delivery of many fiber optic lighting solutions.

In this line of specialisation, Sagitario Lighting took the decision to penetrate the market of indirect lighting, using a specific system with Xenon lamps. This technology has become an essential part of most high standing projects because of its unequalled performance and lighting characteristics, in terms of light quality. Therefore many lighting consultants around the world are prescribing this lighting system for their projects.

In the last decade this market segment has experienced an enormous growth and thanks to a very wide range of interior and exterior products, it has turned into a very important product business of Sagitario Lighting.

However, the latest most promising and well consolidated technology for lighting is based on LEDs. As usual, Sagitario Lighting has been one of the first applying state-of-the-art technologies and nowadays we are showing in many of our projects the potential that LED technology can offer; that is why Sagitario dedicates a large part of its resources and time to the development of new luminaries using LEDs. Already eight years ago Sagitario Lighting started using LEDs for some of their applications and it was in 2004 that a complete range of fixtures based on both high efficiency and PowerLEDs became available.

Besides the standard products, Sagitario Lighting has developed customized solutions for specific projects in close cooperation with the client.

  • 2004

    Coinciding with 20 years of market presence, Sagitario Lighting has a complete range of systems for special lighting based on LED technology, Optical Fiber and Xenon.


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