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January 2019


We communicate that we have initiated the implementation project of the Quality System to obtain the ISO 9001:2015 Certificate, thus we publish our Quality Policy.


SAGITARIO LIGHTING S.L.U considers that the activity, as per the quality required according to the International Regulation ISO 9001, is:

Design, production and distribution of lighting systems.

The declaration of Quality Policy gathers as main issues to increment the satisfaction of the client through the effective application of the system, including the processes that aim to upgrade the system and the assurance of the conformity with the client’s requirements, as well as the legal requisites and the applicable regulation:

  1. Focus our human resources and available assets to offer technical lighting solutions, specifically made to measure for each project. 
  2. Provide an optimal and personalized level of service to all our clients, with the objective to deliver the best possible solution for their lighting needs in the most competitive conditions, including the most suitable prize and timing deadlines.
  3. Personal commitment of all our workers to the Company and their clients, where the respect and honesty in every work’s area are the main priority.
  4. Proceed in every moment with the maximum diligence, to avoid mistakes in the procedures and to anticipate possible risks.
  5. Offer products and lighting solutions based on designs and components that respond to the maximum quality, manufactured in our facilities located in Barcelona.
  6. Look out for the optimal work conditions through the evaluation of the risks that can appear in the processes, eliminating them as much as possible and reducing the evaluated ones.
  7. Consolidate the process of continuous improvement within the performance of all Company activities.
  8. Encourage and maintain a motivating and exciting atmosphere among all the Company members, to transmit this enthusiasm to our clients and collaborators


The Business Management makes this policy available and accessible to all interested areas of the organization.

The Policy is being upgraded through regular revisions, coinciding with the revisions of the system provided by the Business Management, aiming to be able to detect any change in the work environment and in the information received. To do so, the Business Management provides and will provide all human, technical and economical means necessary to reach the goals established, scheduled and updated periodically. 


The Business Management



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