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FULL HD Cinemes - SPLAU Mall

Project: LED lighting on 14 m columns and counter bar of the main hall. Signalization and LED ambiance lighting of 18 screens.
Country: Spain (Barcelona).
Consultant: Marta Batlle Beltrán Architect / Agnessen Consulting.
Supplied Products: Sagiled CM, Sagiled CM Triled, Minicono and Emergency Power Supplies.
Lighting solution: Main Hall ambiance lighting with blue and cold white linear LED systems from inside the 14 m columns, emphasizing the identity of the area.

Linear lighting with high performance LED system installed under the bar counter.

Cove ambiance dimmable lighting with blue LEDs inside the cinema rooms.

Signalization of gradins and aisles with surface mounted miniaturized fixtures, projecting a wide beam that covers the whole down step.
Bespoke Product: Design and manufacture of a very small sized and high luminous efficiency bespoke surface fixture, specifically designed upon the strict demands required by the project. The fixtures are installed only in the center of each step. The complete system is powered with emergency equipments for every one of the 18 rooms.


Used products

  • Sagiled CMSagiled CM

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