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SALÓ DE CENT (Barcelona City Council)

Project: Architectural and accent lighting inside the Saló de Cent - Barcelona City Council.
Country: Spain (Barcelona).
Consultant: Pladevall.
Supplied Products: Columbia Xenon, Fenix Xenon, Door Light and Tower 3.
Lighting solution: Indirect lighting with Xenon systems, both in the front and side walls of the room, thanks to hidden linear fixtures on top or behind the historical furniture.

Spot lighting with recessed PowerLED fixtures, to enhance the viewing of the statues escorting the access to the main part of the room, projecting several light beams from the rear part.
Bespoke Product: Design and manufacture of custom-made grazing light PowerLED systems, located inside the presidential chairs. The dimensions as well as the finish of the fixtures match accurately the project requirements, to allow a maximum integration and a minimal visual impact thereof on the existing furniture, always preserving its integrity, given its unmeasurable value.


Used products

  • Columbia XenonColumbia Xenon
  • Fenix XenonFenix Xenon
  • Tower 3Tower 3

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