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DEPILPOINT Beauty Centre

Project: LED lighting systems integrated in Depilpoint Beauty Centre.
Country: Spain (Barcelona).
Consultant: Sagitario Lighting.
Supplied Products: U-Powerled, Unipowerled, Sagiled CM and Optical Fibre.
Lighting solution: Energy saving and light improvement of the store, providing greater uniformity, control of the color temperature and color rendering required for the correct utilization of the light, allowing to distinguish in detail colors and techniques used in the beauty centre.

Design and manufacture of linear PowerLED fixture to provide focused lighting on the entrance and reception desk.

Signalization and architectural effect, by wall washing the corridor that gives access to treatment boxes.

Ambiance cove lighting through linear RGB LED system, complemented with a starry sky effect with Optical Fibres in chromotherapy box.


Used products

  • UnipowerledUnipowerled
  • Sagiled CMSagiled CM
  • Fibra ÓpticaFibra Óptica
  • Slim PowerledSlim Powerled

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