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LE SALON Beauty Lounge

Project: Wide range of LED lighting systems integrated in different parts of the Lounge.
Country: Spain (Barcelona).
Consultant: Alejandro Sánchez Designer.
Supplied Products: Spotled, Sagiled CM, Showcase, Unipowerled, Sagixenon and U-Powerled.
Lighting solution: Cove lighting with linear LED systems in ceilings of all different rooms and areas, to enhance the restored architecture moldings.

Mirrors backlighting with Xenon strip systems, providing sense of greater depth and a warmest and charming feeling.

Linear and spot LED lighting, to enhance the products shown on shelves.

Backlighting of the logo and business name, providing the feeling of great integration into the wall.

Spot lighting LED projectors for the entrance desk.


Used products

  • SpotledSpotled
  • Sagiled CMSagiled CM
  • Showcase PowerledShowcase Powerled
  • UnipowerledUnipowerled
  • SagixenonSagixenon

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